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Eagle Creek Studios: Proud Home of Netflix’s “Firefly Lane”

April 9, 2021

Eagle Creek Studios is delighted to announce that our Vancouver/Burnaby studios were the production home for the Netflix hit series “Firefly Lane.” Based on Kristin Hannah’s beloved novel, this drama series highlights the enduring friendship between Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey, who navigate life’s highs and lows together from their teenage years into adulthood.

“Firefly Lane” offers a poignant and heartfelt exploration of friendship and life’s complexities, resonating deeply with viewers who appreciate character-driven narratives. The series has been praised for its emotional depth, engaging storytelling, and nostalgic portrayal of different time periods.

Premiering its first season in February 2021, “Firefly Lane” returned with a highly anticipated second season released in two parts, with the first part debuting in December 2022 and the second part in June 2023. Critics have lauded the show for the stellar performances of Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, whose portrayals of Tully and Kate have captivated audiences and brought Hannah’s characters to life.

At Eagle Creek Studios, we are proud to have supported the production of such a beloved series and look forward to continuing our legacy of hosting top-tier television productions.

Our Eagle Creek Studios facility is situated in the heart of Metro Vancouver near all the popular filming locations, meaning less commuting to and from shoots. For more information call 1-604-788-2229 or visit our contact page.

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