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Film Studio in Vancouver - Burnaby BC

PHONE 604-788-2229

To get more information about our film studio in Vancouver, call us at 1-604-788-2229 or fill in the form below and we’ll be happy to help you any way we can.

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    4210 Phillips Ave
    Burnaby, BC. V5A 2X2

    We Offer an amazing location in Vancouver, Canada

    Eagle Creek Studios News

    Movie and TV Productions - Current and Past

    Alert: Missing Persons Unit - Fox
    “Accommodating and supportive of our requirements for growth, re-purposing, facilities expansion & power/data upgrades as required.”
    Monster High - The Movie - Nickelodeon / Paramount+
    “We have complete privacy, security and flexibility to use the property for our sole purposes.”
    The Power - Amazon
    “An agreement without ala carte ancillary costs makes for clean budgeting, planning, billing & efficiency.”
    Mighty Ducks - Game Changers - Disney
    “Accommodating of our requirements for growth, re-purposing, expansion & power/data upgrades.”
    The Man in the High Castle - Amazon Original
    “Ideally located to mitigate onerous travel time to downtown, over bridges, and to the popular filming communities.”
    Firefly Lane - Netflix
    “At Eagle Creek Studios we haven't had to share stages or support buildings with other productions.”
    Reaper - Entertainment One
    “The studio is ideally located to mitigate onerous travel time to downtown.”
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