About Eagle Creek Studios

Professional and Comprehensive Studio Facilities

Close to All the Preferred Shooting Communities

Your cast and crew won’t need to travel far to get to our studio. Our Burnaby facility is situated in the heart of Metro Vancouver near all the popular filming locations, meaning less commuting to and from shoots.

Total Privacy with No Interruptions

You won’t be bothered by other film companies, because at Eagle Creek Film Studios in Vancouver you have the entire facility to yourself. This means:

  • Cleaner takes without interference from other projects
  • Less stress because you don’t have to share amenities
  • Full control of your environment without unexpected surprises
  • Your work is kept private away from prying eyes

No Obstructions Across Sound Stages

With our clear-span sound stages, you’ll not only have the space you need, but because each stage is purpose-built for filming – unlike some film studios which are just converted warehouses – you won’t have to worry about pillars or other obstacles.

Not Big. Not Small. Just Right.

Our studio is large enough to house major TV or film production, but not so big that your staff will get lost in a multi-warehouse complex. We’re Vancouver’s only mid-sized production facility. You’ll have all the office and parking space you need, a dedicated mill shop, costumes, and set decoration, as well as 2 large sound stages. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


How big are your sound stages?

Our Vancouver-Burnaby film studio features two sound stages at 17,000 sq ft each with 30 feet of overhead clearance.

Does Eagle Creek film studios include security?

We don’t provide security personnel, but our Vancouver-Burnaby studio is gated, surrounded by 15-foot barbed wire fences, and has closed circuit 24/7 surveillance cameras, and all buildings are fully alarmed and monitored.

How much parking do you have?

We have 100 dedicated parking spaces, and 1 acre of additional parking on-site parking in the Vancouver-Burnaby location.

Is there a quiet place where I can have meetings with video conferencing?

Yes. There is a dedicated boardroom, multiple private offices, reception area, and fiber optic internet, WIFI, and phone land lines in the Vancouver location.

What are your rates?

Rates vary depending on length of your booking. Please Contact Us to get a quote.

Do you have dedicated space for our decorations, props, seamstressing, and construction?

Of course. Head over to our studio page to learn more, view blueprints with dimensions of each building and facility, and more…

What productions have been shot at Eagle Creek?

Eagle Creek has been operating since 2001. We’ve hosted many TV and Film productions including:

  • The Man in the High Castle
  • Witches of East End
  • Fairly Legal
  • Reaper
  • Snakes on a Plane
  • Dream Catcher
  • Cats and Dogs

We Offer an amazing location in Vancouver, Canada

Eagle Creek Studios News

Movie and TV Productions - Current and Past

Alert: Missing Persons Unit - Fox
“Accommodating and supportive of our requirements for growth, re-purposing, facilities expansion & power/data upgrades as required.”
Monster High - The Movie - Nickelodeon / Paramount+
“We have complete privacy, security and flexibility to use the property for our sole purposes.”
The Power - Amazon
“An agreement without ala carte ancillary costs makes for clean budgeting, planning, billing & efficiency.”
Mighty Ducks - Game Changers - Disney
“Accommodating of our requirements for growth, re-purposing, expansion & power/data upgrades.”
The Man in the High Castle - Amazon Original
“Ideally located to mitigate onerous travel time to downtown, over bridges, and to the popular filming communities.”
Firefly Lane - Netflix
“At Eagle Creek Studios we haven't had to share stages or support buildings with other productions.”
Reaper - Entertainment One
“The studio is ideally located to mitigate onerous travel time to downtown.”
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